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Essentially, a Wedding Planner is a professional whose expertise and contacts can turn your wedding into a day of absolute perfection. He or she is the lynch pin for your event; the one who will locate the services and suppliers you require; who will negotiate contracts; mediate and manage the various companies involved in your day and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

The job of planning a wedding can take an unbelievable amount of time and effort that usually is tagged along with stress and pressure. With so much to do and sometimes little time to do it, hiring a professional is the way to go. Using their expert knowledge of the industry together with extensive databases and links to leading suppliers an established Wedding Planner will have the foundations on which to build a perfect wedding. They will give you unfettered access to every supplier in the country that fulfils your requirements. Unless otherwise instructed, their priorities lie solely with the couple, their wedding objectives and the all-important budget.

The very best Wedding Planners possess a diverse set of skills. They are extremely practical, versatile, knowledgeable and resourceful. It is their job to assist both the bride and groom in the run up to the Big Day. On the day itself, it is the Bride who is centre-stage, while the Wedding Planner works tirelessly in the background. During the planning process they will bear the brunt of the daily chores. They will design, plan, coordinate and manage the event from behind the scenes, giving couples valuable time to relax and enjoy their engagement and look forward to their dream wedding.

Here are just a few of the Bride’s jobs that are made easier with a Wedding Planner:

  • Manage parking problems, lighting emergency or any other issue that may arise on your wedding or engagement party day.
  • Manage various hired services like the caterers, decorators, musicians and singers, and the photographers. The planner will see that everything is arranged and in sync.
  • Make sure that guests at wedding and betrothed party are looked after well and treated special through favors.
  • Ensure that every little need of the Bride and Groom is fulfilled. The Bride and Groom have all that they want on the special day.
  • Provide unique and affordable ideas to make the wedding a memorable and successful event altogether.
  • Provide unique Bridesmaid, Ring Bearer and Groomsmen ideas which will make the Wedding Party all the more special.
  • Keeping track of the guest list and RSVPs and helping you organize the dreaded seat assignments.
  • A Planner may have links with other professional contractors, getting you a discounted or lower rate on services (i.e. car hire, DJ, caterers, etc.).

Planning your wedding is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable time in your life. However, in most cases anxiety and stress tend to overwhelm us with everything that needs to be done, along with our everyday responsibilities. A good Wedding Planner can help you plan so you can enjoy your dream wedding relaxed and stress free.

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