We believe that fitness is about lifestyle, not just about your workout. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of resources that we believe will help you with your fitness lifestyle outside of our programs.

If you enjoy using some of the equipment we use in our workouts, you’ll find most of the fitness equipment we use in the link entitled “Fitness Equipment for Home Workouts” below.

Nutrition is a huge part of your health and fitness program. There are a ton of diet and nutrition books out there, and hundreds of supplement manufacturers to choose from. We can’t read or test drive every product out there, but we have compiled a small list of nutrition and supplement information for you from suppliers we know and trust. You’ll find our trusted nutrition resources at the link entitled “Weight Loss and Nutrition Resources” below.

The Carb Rotation Diet

The Carb Rotation Diet offers easy solutions for permanent weight lossThis is one of the best nutrition e-books on the market today. Written by Registered Dietician, Jayson Hunter,The Carb Rotation Diet takes the guesswork out of what to eat in order to be lean and healthy. Hunter not only gives you the science behind the method, he outlines for you exactly what you should eat. Although that four letter word “D-I-E-T” is in the title, this book is all about lifestyle, and making balanced nutrition part of your lifestyle for good. Many of us need to re-tool our habits and re-teach our brain how to eat for health. Jayson Hunter’s simple-to-use strategies will make a healthy eater out of you!

Meal Plans 101

Recommended Supplements

Prograde Nutrition supports a healthy lifestyle. There are a ton of supplements on the market and it’s hard for us to be aware of all of them. We believe that the best way to fuel your body is with real, whole foods first—not pills and shakes in place of good food. However, current research indicates that several supplements do have a place in your nutrition plan . We believe that most healthy adults should consider a Fish Oil supplement as well as a multi-vitamin. Women should ask their doctors about adding supplemental calcium and Vitamin D to their nutrition program.

We trust the professional development team at Prograde Nutrition to create products based on current research and to manufacture them purely and reliably in their GMP-rated facilities. Not sure if a particular Prograde supplement is for you? No worries, as they have a money-back guarantee as well as a toll-free Customer Service number so that you can ask questions before you make a purchase.

Calculate Your Ideal Weight With The Weight Zone Factor

Want to feel healthier? Want to have a leaner, more defined physique? Find Your Perfect Weight! Try The Weight Zone – the first-ever improvement to the Body Mass Index. WeightZone analyzes your body stats, health, and lifestyle, then creates a personal Zone for your body…the most and least you should weigh. If your goal is better health, get below the top of your Zone. For a sleek, toned body, get to the bottom of your Zone. WeightZone will even show you how a better exercise program can improve your target. Try it now. 100% free.

Click on the image below to enter a few details into the Weight Wizard:

Regular workouts are important to maintain your strength, endurance and flexibility. However, if you’ve worked with us long enough, you’ve probably heard us say that you can’t out-train a lousy diet. Quite simply, if you are currently overweight, you need to make some changes in your nutrition program in order to see extraordinary results from your workouts.

All of our customers on recurring membership programs get our 30-page Nutrition Guide, sample meals plans written by a Registered Dietician and food journaling pages free as part of their program with us. If you feel you need a little more coaching and guidance on nutrition and you prefer a self-directed approach, we highly recommend the resources below.

Here are the Prograde Nutrition products we highly recommend:

Exercise Tubing

Exercise tubing is great for home workouts as well as travel workouts!

We recommend the “Premium Versa Tube” and the “Versa O” from Power Systems:

Resistance Bands Category

Medicine Balls

If you want to strengthen your core muscles, medicine balls are an economical choice to add to your home gym equipment arsenal

TRX Suspension System

The TRX Suspension Training system is one of our most favorite, versatile pieces of equipment for home workouts!

Foam Rollers

A foam roller is essential for the active person! Use one to work out the kinks after a hard workout.

Foam Rollers at Power Systems

GymBoss Interval Timer

Want to have a hands-free way to do interval workouts on your own? The GymBoss interval timer is your answer!

Beside you will find some of the workout equipment we use in our boot camp classes as well as additional home workout equipment we highly recommend.

To learn more about a product or to order it, click on the image of the product.