How to get motivated to exercise

How to Get Motivated to Exercise!

How do you get motivated to exercise?? We get asked this question a lot by people who are struggling with their fitness who often tell us “I’m just not motivated to work out.”


Now hear us out on this … It turns out that motivation is a myth. Yes, that’s right! It doesn’t exist. At least, not by itself. 


Motivation is not something that’s going to crash down from the sky like a lightning bolt and magically kickstart your fitness plan. If you’re waiting for motivation to hit you (you know, that day when you feel motivated to get up and work out or improve your nutrition) well, you might be waiting for a long time.



 You see, motivation only comes from one thing.




Not the other way around. In order to feel a sense of motivation, you have to take action first.


It could be ONE workout! ONE pushup. Having ONE healthy meal.



It could be anything that’s a small step in the right direction. And that one little thing could spark a little motivation to do more of the same the next day.


Motivation doesn’t come from magic.


It comes from action.


If you’re looking to get back into a routine or get a fresh start with your fitness this fall, what’s one small thing you can do today in order to get started?


Pick that one thing and do it. Then do it again. And again. And again. And see the motivation build up! That doing, that action, will create the motivation you’ve been looking for.


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