Bad Diet or Healthy Eating Plan?

Weight Loss Tip:  Do You Have A Bad Diet or a Healthy Eating Plan?A healthy diet is an integral part of any weight loss program. Generally, a balanced diet composed of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish and lean meat will give an individual the necessary energy to perform the daily activities and function at their most optimum level–AND lose that dreaded excess body fat.  In addition to helping you shed unwanted fat, well-planned meals protect against some chronic diseases and aid in tissue and muscle repair .

Unfortunately, society has put such importance on losing weight that people desperate to see a drop on the scale will go on “crash diets”. Very often these diets are too low in calories to sustain long term and nutritionally they’re not all that healthy.

I’ve been a personal trainer in Willow Glen for many many years now. I’ve always counseled our clients to avoid the “diet” mentality, and instead begin to concentrate on eating whole, fresh foods.  My coaches and I ask our clients to concentrate on what TO eat, instead of what NOT to eat. We coach our clients to eat meals that consist mainly of protein, vegetable-based carbohydrates and a little healthy fat throughout the day.  We ask them to minimize “liquid calories”  ( the calories from a daily latte add up!) and processed, wheat flour-based foods.   We check in with our personal training clients regularly to ask if the dietary changes they’re making are changes that they can live with for life.  We don’t seek to deprive anyone from an occasional cocktail, latte or brownie.  We simply coach our clients to eat really well most of the time.

Why Dieting is a Losing Proposition

A diet that is seen as a mere means to losing weight as opposed to a lifestyle change will potentially result in unhealthy  practices, poor overall nutrition and possibly muscle/bone loss.  Crash diets will literally starve the body of the most basic nutrients needed to function. The worst part is, after doing a crash diet and then returning to the eating pattern that got you overweight in the first place—you’re bound to gain even MORE weight.

The New Paradigm for Permanent Weight Loss

  1. Avoid strict fad diets
  2. Try making just ONE change per week that will get you to eat healthier
  3. Limit the calories you drink
  4. Minimize wheat flour-based foods (eat whole grains instead)
  5. Incorporate regular strength training into your lifestyle (muscle burns calories ALL DAY LONG!)

Having trouble with the motivation to change?

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