Finally! The solution to reversing your “over forty” weight gain is here!

Are you a woman over 40 who is tired of feeling like you’re getting frumpier and heavier with each passing year?

Have you tried exercising and dieting but found that your weight just doesn’t budge?

Yes, it’s true. Your metabolism is changing. You may not be 25 years old any more–but there is NO reason you need to settle for a flabby body, clothes that don’t fit, low energy and poor posture just because you’ve hit that “certain” stage in life!

It’s time to take your body back !

It’s time for………………..


Fit and Fabulous FitCamp for Women Over 40

Fit and Fabulous is a revolutionary weight loss and strength training program for women developed by Exercise Physiologist and San Jose Personal Trainer, Becky Williamson.

In her 25+ years of helping people lose weight and get fit, Becky has created a unique strength training and cardio program just for women over 40. This program is based on recent scientific research that reveals long hours of cardio may NOT be the best way for women to lose weight!

In the Fit and Fabulous program you will……..

  • Achieve a leaner, more youthful physique
  • Whittle away ab flab
  • Firm your buns
  • Improve your strength
  • Slow down the aging process
  • Improve your posture
  • Dramatically improve your energy level

All this is guaranteed…..or your money back!!

During your Fit and Fabulous fat loss journey you will learn:

  • * The most efficient way to exercise for fat loss (you might be surprised!)
  • * Exercises you can do at home to accelerate your results
  • * A better (and quicker) way to do cardio workouts
  • * Why the diets you’ve tried have failed
  • * How to boost your metabolism for maximum weight loss
  • * How to increase your calorie burn, but decrease your exercise time
  • * How to develop a better relationship with food


  • 1205 Pine Ave., San Jose 95125 (St. Francis Episcopal Church–in the Main Hall)


  • Tu/Thu, 6:30-7:20 am

Membership fees

  • $175 per month on a month-to-month basis
  • $139 per month with a 3-month agreement
  • $129 per month with a 12-month agreement

This program is THE IDEAL program for the busy women over 40 who wants to look great, feel great and re-define what “mid-life” looks and feels like!

Before you go on another quick-fix diet, before you buy clothing another size larger, before you buy another bottle of over-hyped “fat burning” pills, and certainly before you give up and decide that mid-life weight gain and being frumpy is just part of being over 40, you owe it to yourself to learn the latest techniques that melt body fat and stoke your metabolism.

ACT NOW to be a part of the Fit and Fabulous program being held in Willow Glen!


We guarantee that if you attend camp regularly and follow our simple guidelines as directed, you’ll lose AT LEAST one clothing size at the end of your first month or your money back!