Exercise and Sex

It’s no secret that exercise boosts your mood, jump-starts your sex drive, and improves your overall health. If you are considering different ways to improve and enhance your sex life, exercise is one of the best methods to help you get the energy to have more sex, enhance your sexual drive and of course, make sex an enjoyable activity.There are several rational reasons why a physically fit person is more likely to fully enjoy sex compared to a non-fit person. For instance, improved muscle tone can increase sexual gratification since orgasms depend on multiple muscle activity. In the case of the more mature man, improved cardiovascular fitness can be critical for maximum sexual function.

Focus in on the following exercises to help you perform better.

We have heard all the obvious benefits of yoga that if can give you greater flexibility, better muscle tone, increase weight loss, stress relief, and maybe even enlightenment. However, you may not know that it has been proven to enhance your sex life. Yoga offers countless physical and emotional benefits that can heat up your bedroom experience. Yoga is relaxing which can help you reduce fatigue and get you in the mood.

Kegel Exercises
Many factors can weaken your pelvic floor muscles, including pregnancy, childbirth, surgery, aging and being overweight. Kegel exercises lead to more enjoyable sex, easier arousal, stronger orgasms, more pleasure.

Core Strength
Abs are a critical sex-boosting body area to work on. You have to use your abdominal muscles during sex, especially for men because they use lower abs and back muscles for thrusting. A great way to start your ab workout is with good old-fashioned crunches.

Aerobic Exercise
Cardiovascular training improves sexual prowess and the way you enjoy the experience in many ways. Sexual performance is largely determined by your overall general health, and the more you can do to improve your fitness level, the better your sex life can be. You’ll need to build cardio endurance. It makes your heart strong and keeps your body going. Try for 3 or 4 days of cardio exercise (running, walking, swimming, sports).

Weight Training
Sometimes sex requires you to hold positions for periods of time. Weight training can help to condition your body muscles for longer lasting sex. Your basic strength workout will help you build more strength; just make sure you challenge your muscles with enough weight. You should use enough weight that your last rep is difficult, but not impossible.

If you hope to improve your sex life through exercise, you should carefully consider adopting a more comprehensive healthy lifestyle in order to increase the possibility of fully experiencing your sexual peak. Being strong and flexible with lots of endurance will put the spunk into sex for you and your partner. Start working out today so you’re ready for tonight!

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