Essentials in Maximizing Your Pump

Many body building exercises are extremely fun and feel awesome when done in the gym. Many of the guys doing pec flys, curls and triceps kickbacks in the gym do not know the advantages that are attached to them. Their bodies acquire lots of mobility, stability and balance through these practices.

There are functional exercises which are designed to deliver that necessary imbalance in the body, making one more mobile and stable. Examples of these exercises are bear crawls and split squats which improve fitness. Gym goers generally find trainer recommended exercises tedious and boring as they don’t seem to pump their muscles as fast as they expect.

A fitness researcher came up with hybrid exercises that one needs to do in order to stay healthy and truly fit. As one gets a pump through these exercises, they feel awesome at the same time.

The following will improve the body fitness and muscle pumping:-

  1. Carbing up improves the muscle fitness. Carbohydrates should be taken before workouts because muscles need glycogen to provide a good pump. Glycogen provides energy during a workout and makes look big and full. Muscles will be flat despite extensive workouts without carbing up.
  2. Muscle contractions. Holding up the squeeze on the muscles forcefully during exercises are beneficial at the peak of each repetition. A repetition of 10-12 per set will show a good pump on the muscles.
  3. Superset training is a stack of repetitive exercise without a rest in between. It increases the blood flow to the working muscles. 3-4 supersets should provide lightning results.
  4. Drop set is a training exercise evoking almighty pumps. It enables more blood to flow into the muscle cells making them swell.
  5. A good motivation with music during a workout by increasing efforts. Bobbing the head to the right tempo and playlist will motivate the body to work harder.
  6. Shortening the rest period enables more blood to shoot into the muscle tissue, creating a general swollenness.
    There are several exercises that will increase the muscle pump. These are the kneeling triceps press down, flex arm hang leg lift, dumbbell pullover and Inverted row with hip thrust.
    However, there are several other ways to effectively pump up ones muscles.

Lastly, one should properly hydrate their muscles during work outs by taking 2-3 cups of water in the process. Curbing up is essential for muscle fullness as the tissues need energy provided by glycogen during the work outs. Superset training also ensures intense muscle pumps as it increases the level of blood flow.
If well followed and practiced you are guaranteed to achieve good results with bodybuilding and fitness.

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