Coping with Workplace Disappointment

Disappointment is something we all deal with at different times in our lives. When your vision for the future doesn’t seem reachable, it is easy to be disillusioned. Nevertheless, there is a way to create your world and to get your internal reality to manifest outwardly. Be encouraged! Your present reality is not your destiny.

Secrets to Overcome Career Disappointment

  1. See the big picture. Hold to your inward vision despite that which you see going on around you. If you can see it, you can conceive it. Your vision is your ultimate mission. Though your job description may be minuscule and confining, your vision should be magnificent, liberating and invigorating.
  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t let trivial irritants obscure your vision and thwart your progression toward your future. Sometimes it is the small stuff that can be most aggravating. It’s easier to dodge a rock than if someone were to come up and throw sand in your eyes. Avoid unnecessary conversations and complaining sessions among your coworkers. Be productive and avoid conversations that are corrosive. Focus on the future and stay on track in your journey to get there.
  3. Go where you are celebrated not merely tolerated. The majority of people will not acknowledge or see your gifts, talents and unique abilities. You must be planted in an environment and climate conducive to your personal growth and enrichment.
  4. See problems as opportunities. Contrary to popular belief, a problem is an opportunity. You wouldn’t think so by the way people murmur and complain. Consider problems as opportunities for you to shine. Rise above the mediocrity and manifest your creativity. Problems therefore are a pathway to your next promotion.
  5. Be a peacemaker and an encourager. Workplace strife fills and floods the lives of many. Have no part is such negative counterproductive energy. Be a peacemaker and bridge builder. By doing so you will make friends, feel better and find new ways to overcome organizational obstacles.
  6. Go the extra mile. Don’t be like everyone else. Break the mold. Arrive at work early and leave late. Manage your emotions and martial your energies. In doing so your productivity, creativity and resourcefulness will increase. By going the extra mile and exceeding your job description you will show yourself to be a true asset to the company and someone they can count on.
  7. Replace anxiety with creativity. Don’t be overly anxious. Anxiety drains you of your energy and immobilizes your resourcefulness.
  8. Be a lifelong learner. There are two types of growth, inward and outward. Most look for outward growth, profitability and expansion. Yet inward growth is equally if not more important. For without inner growth outward growth never occurs, neither can it be sustained. Commit to be a lifelong learner. Continually listen, learn and explore new bodies of knowledge.
  9. Serve selflessly. Everybody wants to lead but few want to serve. You can’t always be the top dog. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. When you serve people you show them you care and that you recognize they are important. When you make people feel important, they pour gratitude back into you. Those you honour will assuredly honour you.
  10. Remember the future is in you, not the job. Contrary to popular belief, the future is not in the job. The future is in you. With or without the job you can excel and come into your dreams. Your inner world once acknowledged and embraced can be made to manifest in any place. So should your current employer and coworkers be clueless, you can still come into your destiny. When you are firm and solid in your identity, you can bring about your destiny.
  11. Set your intent and follow your instincts. You don’t always have to know how it is going to happen. Just set your intent as to that which you want to happen.

    Career success is not something that is given on a golden platter. It takes a lot of hard work, patience and determination to achieve success. Don’t let the disappointments get you down. Continue to be positive and work hard to reach your goals.

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