Have your checked your waist/hip ratio lately?

Jun 21, 2008

You should. It can tell you a lot about your risk for cardiovascular disease. Many of us are slaves to the scale. Be a slave to your measuring tape instead. It holds more valuable information for you. Now, full disclosure:...

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A killer cardio-interval workout!

Jun 19, 2008

Whew!  Just got finished with a great cardio interval workout.  For those of you who think you don't have time, please read on.  I'm crunched for time today, but I really wanted to get in some kind of cardio. Here's...

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Summer is officially here!

Jun 14, 2008

My son graduated from 8th grade yesterday.  My daughter finished her sophomore year of high school two days ago.  It's HOT outside.  Summer is officially here!For some of us, summer really changes our routine.  For others, it's business as usual....

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Becky FINALLY has a blog!

May 25, 2008

Greetings, and welcome to my blog!I've been a fitness pro for a LONG time (since way before Al Gore invented the internet), but I'm a little slow on this technology stuff.  With urging from fellow fitness friends (thanks TIC, and...

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