The Best Way To Flatten Your Abs

Feb 11, 2022

  I wanted to share a common misconception about fitness: How we flatten our abs. My desire to write a post about how to flatten your abs was spurred by a couple of questions I got last week at our...

5 Tips for Long Term Weight Loss

Jan 13, 2022

Short-term weight loss is easy for some people. They get super restrictive with their eating and the weight melts off (along with some muscle mass, perhaps?). All that super-restrictive stuff can only last for so long, though. Long-term weight loss...

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This San Jose Coach Does Personal Training Differently!

Dec 23, 2021

When you think of "personal training", what do you think of? One client, one trainer and a high price tag? Well, think again because this San Jose Coach does personal training differently! The concept of personal training has changed a...