Be Happy to Stay Healthy

Some people are just naturally happy. These are the people you always see smiling even when the weather is bad or who never seem phased by any major changes in the workplace.

Chances are you know someone like this. But if your glasses tend to be anything but rose colored, you may think that’s just the way you are and there’s nothing you can do about it. However, everyone has the power to improve their emotional well-being and their overall health.

Why happiness matters

Generally speaking, people who are happy tend to lead a better quality of life. Happy people are hopeful in difficult times and they see opportunity in every challenge that comes along. And, while it’s not uncommon to hear people say that they are happy to have their good health, emotional health plays a very large role in physical health, so these same people just might be healthy because they are happy.

Make a conscious effort to be happy

Even if you naturally gravitate toward being negative or skeptical, with a little practice you can achieve a sunnier disposition, which will help you get more out of everything life has to offer.

Feeling out of control is one reason that people are often unhappy with the little bumps in the road life often brings. But the truth is, while you may not be able to control certain circumstances, you can always control how you react to them.

Being caught off guard is another catalyst for unhappiness. No matter who you are, where you live or what you do for a living, at some point you will encounter situations you were not prepared to handle at the time. The key to happiness in these situations is to learn to be flexible. You may not be ready for a sudden change, but if you are open minded about it you will automatically feel more positive.

Not having a plan for the future can also lead to an unhappy life. While you may not be able to prepare for everything life throws at you, having a plan for your life direction helps you move forward with a purpose.

Above all, to be truly happy you need to avoid comparing yourself to others. There may always be someone you think is a little smarter, faster or just seems to have it better than you. If you are in awe of someone else’s capabilities, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, make it an opportunity to learn from that person and to seek personal growth.

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