A few more weight loss secrets

We’ve talked about how to estimate how many calories you should aim to eat if you’re trying to lose weight.  See my post on August 22nd if you  missed it.

Now, let’s talk about how to use those calories. My suggestion:  spread them out through your waking hours.  This is beneficial for several reasons:
-You get to eat often 🙂
-You don’t get hungry
-Your metabolism stays a little elevated above resting level because you’re digesting the food
-Your blood sugar stays stable so you feel better (as long as you make wise food choices)
Here’s a sample breakdown of what a 1,700 calorie meal plan might be broken up:
Breakfast:  300 calories
Snack:  200 calories
Lunch:  500 calories
Snack:  150 calories
Dinner:  400 calories
Snack:  150 calories
Using the numbers you get in your own calculation, divide them up between 3 meals and 2-3  snacks.  Then plan what you’ll eat and shop for it!
Notice I allotted  more calories to lunch? You could also transfer the higher calorie meal to breakfast, too. I’d like to see you eating more earlier in the day, and dialing the calories back a little toward the end of the day.  This won’t work for everyone, but it’s worth a shot if you can work your lifestyle around it.
When you’re planning what you’ll eat, try to get some lean protein, a fibrous veggie and good fats (from olive or walnut oil, nuts or seeds) at each meal or snack.
Now on to homework for folks at my Almaden and Campbell boot camps….
It’s interval time again.  Choose your exercise (running, walking, swimming, or a cardio machine at your gym) and do the following:
3-5 minute warm up (at a level “5” on our perceived exertion scale of 1-10)

30 seconds HARD (at a level “8” or “9” on our scale)
30 seconds recovery (level “5” or “6” on our scale)

Continue for 12-20 minutes depending on your fitness level.  Newbies to camp, please don’t over do it!

Cool down and stretch.
Committed to your success,