5, 6, 7, 8, Dance

A dancer’s body looks so fit – they must get a good workout. There must be some tricks of the trade that can be applied to our every day workout to get some of the same effects. Dance-type exercises will focus more on muscle development and flexibility. Dancers are serious athletes that are continually working out to improve strength, agility, speed, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance in order to prevent injuries. Most people know that they have to exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it is getting motivated to exercise that is the difficult part. Exercise need not be boring – try dancing!

Pole Dancing
Using pole dancing moves is a great way to get a good workout. It’s a fun activity that will burn tons of calories and give you a toned body. One of the basic moves is climbing which is a perfect beginning exercise to prepare you for learning many others. The basic climbing move is excellent for giving you added strength and flexibility. There are a few different climbing moves and all of them are good for toning the back, legs and arms. The basic climbing move is to use the same concept that you learned in climbing ropes. Feet are together at the base of the pole with arms stretched high above your head, then by alternating the movement of hands and feet, work your way up the pole. Once you’ve master that move, you can try leg hooks, inversion moves and climbing down.

Jazz Dancing
Jazz dancing can spice up any workout because you don’t have to have a partner and you can learn basic moves in a short period of time. One basic move is the Jazz Square. Jazz Square is a fluid, easy dance move where you can complete a square in four short steps. Stand with your feet together and your arms at your side. Begin to step your right foot across your left foot. You then step back, but this time with your left foot. Follow that by stepping to the side with your right foot. Finally, step forward with your left leg. At this juncture, you are ready to step your right leg across your left leg to start yet another Jazz Square. Repeating this can add up to a really good workout routine. Add it to your exercise regime to spice up your cardio exercises.

80s Dance Moves
If you want to really spice up your workout routine, you can go “old-school” and head to the 80s for inspiration. Some of this decade’s biggest dance moves came from popular singers. Try the Fairy Dance, made popular by the group the Smiths. Simply hold out your hands in front of you loosely while you also lower your arms. Begin to wave both hands and arms about as you sway your body to music. Have music going that will keep time to your moves.

A workout routine does not have to be boring. Incorporate some dance moves with your favourite upbeat music and have some fun. You’ll get a great cardio workout while strengthening, toning and developing your muscles while increasing flexibility. With all the physical activity of an intense nature that dancing provides, it is clear that dancing is a great opportunity for you to burn off a lot of calories in any one session. The added bonus of using dance moves to exercise or weight loss is that it doesn’t feel like exercise because you will likely be too caught up in the fun of the dancing activity and therefore be enjoying yourself too much to see that your actually working out.

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